El brisbane

At El Matador we love making people happy through our food.

We are proud to be working with so many artisan food producers. From farmers and meat curers to cheese makers. We source daily at the market with seasonal, simplicity and freshness at the core. The centrepiece of our kitchen is our Spanish Pira oven, using Australian charcoal, ironbark and fruit woods. This is our interpretation of the lively and bustling tapas bars of Madrid, served the traditional Spanish way as soon as its prepared. Please choose from our amazing array of food on the bar, in the humidor or from the Pira grill.
Currently undergoing construction in one of the most sought-after areas in Brisbane CBD, this new one of a kind, high end, Spanish inspired Tapas, Wine and Lounge Bar offers a unique opportunity to be part of something new, fresh and exciting that has not been seen in Brisbane before.
Easter Break hours Friday & Saturday - 4pm ‘to Midnight closed Sunday & Monday